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Trinity 1: Easy Like Sunday Morning

Ok, so today’s passage from the Gospel of Mark (yes we are back on track for our year with Mark) is all about how to celebrate the Sabbath, not Sunday. The Jewish day of rest, the day Moses was commanded … Continue reading

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Trinity 4: Heffalump Grump

One of my favourite stories when my girls were tiny was the story of a ‘plump little prince’… The plump little prince was in a hump… a terrible hump… a heffalump’s GRUMP. “Oh dear!” cried his mum. “Oh dear!” cried … Continue reading

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God’s Mighty Women: Holy Saturday

Luke’s burial and resurrection account: Jesus’ body is treated with love and respect – not for him an eternal wasting away on the cross for all to see, not for him the pauper’s grave. Joseph of Aramathea risks his reputation … Continue reading

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God’s Mighty Women: The crippled woman

This is the story of the woman who has been crippled for 18 years, bent over and quite unable to stand up straight. We might think her in dire straits, but in this snapshot she isn’t making a fuss, she … Continue reading

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Growing in Faith, Worship and Prayer

Our gospel passage today is a tricky one, or at least it was for Jesus. A trap is set for Jesus which, it seems, he cannot wriggle out of without causing upset and losing his popularity. The Pharisees (the religious … Continue reading

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Sabbath rest or slacking off?

I wake up on Saturday, heart pounding, and leap to my feet, my mind racing with everything I have to do… And then it stops, like a car screeching to a halt. For a moment I an’t move. Then, hesitantly, … Continue reading

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Giving Graciously: Being the hostest with the mostest

Around the time eldest daughter was born a new daytime telly programme appeared. It focussed on a week of dinner-parties where different people took it in turns to host a meal, and the others would then judge them, giving them … Continue reading

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