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Read Mark and Inwardly Digest? Where’s Nathanael?

Once again we find ourselves not in the Gospel of Mark! In this season of Epiphany the lectionary wants us to consider how those who met face to face with the adult Jesus responded to him, as well as the visitation … Continue reading

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Say a Little Prayer for me.

If you are a user of social media, then you can’t help but notice how much more people seem to be praying nowadays. Cute pictures and sad pictures on Facebook often come with the caption ‘don’t scroll down without typing … Continue reading

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Time to wake up, Tabitha!

Everyone thinks that Tabitha has died. They are wailing and mourning in that passionate, and loud, Middle Eastern way and she doesn’t stir. They have even washed her and ‘laid her out’ ready for burial, and still she doesn’t move … Continue reading

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God’s Mighty Women: The Nag!

Jesus tells a story about a nagging woman – or if we were being a little more polite, a persistent widow – she’s not real, it’s just a story, a parable, but Jesus uses a woman to show how God’s … Continue reading

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The Blue Skies of Autumn: A Journey from Loss toLife

I got into bed and listened to his answer machine message over and over again to hear his voice. Where was he? Find me, Simon. Call me. Come home. That night I started talking – to the sky, to the … Continue reading

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Soul Food: My Lenten Lapse (oops!)

This week I received some painful news. It happens from time to time, an it’s not the news so much as how we handle it. I found myself walking through the churchyard praying ‘Sorry God, I’m going to break my … Continue reading

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Soul Food: Lenten recipes

As mentioned in my post on Ash Wednesday the hardest thing about giving up meat for lent is finding ways to eat vegetables and feel that we’ve had a proper meal (more cabbage anyone?). One way is to order a Veg Box … Continue reading

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