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Easter 4: No-one takes it from me

The story of the Good Shepherd is well known – it is somewhat comforting to know that there is a Shepherd who looks after us, who knows us by name, who ensures that we never become so lost that we … Continue reading

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Easter 4: Come bye

In Middle Eastern Culture, a sheep pen had no gate. The gateway was an opening in the pen which would be filled at night by the sleeping Shepherd – this way if anything, whether lions, wolves, bears or sheep thieves … Continue reading

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Time to wake up, Tabitha!

Everyone thinks that Tabitha has died. They are wailing and mourning in that passionate, and loud, Middle Eastern way and she doesn’t stir. They have even washed her and ‘laid her out’ ready for burial, and still she doesn’t move … Continue reading

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The Good Shepherd

On Good Friday Jesus hung from the cross. On either side of him were thieves and┬ábandits,┬ábut he alone was innocent. As Jesus lay down his life even the hardened soldiers noticed something different in the way that he responded and … Continue reading

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God’s Mighty Women: Rachel – mother of a nation.

The next women we come across is Rachel. The prophecy that Rachel will weep for her children is fulfilled as Herod has all boys under the age of 2 slaughtered, in his murderous aims to rid himself of the new … Continue reading

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