Dreaming of the Kingdom

Kingdom (Photo credit: photoscott)

In between harvest (ordinary time) and advent there’s a little season in the church called Kingdom Season. We begin by celebrating All Saints Day and conclude with the festival of Christ the Kingdom.

This season is a time of remembering, of hoping of dreaming.

All Hallow’s eve marks the end of Ordinary time in much the same way that Christmas Eve marks the end of Advent. We have come to know this as halloween a time for tricking and treating, a time of focussing on all that has not been hallowed, all that is unholy.

Harry Potter (character)
Harry Potter (character) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At the beginning of the first Harry Potter, Harry is ‘sorted’ into his house, as the sorting hat ponders where to place him, Harry is determined  that he does not want to be placed in Slytherin , a house of greatness, but also of evil. 

We too have to choose which house we wish to belong to, which kingdom we want to serve, to build. Those of us who have been baptised, Christened, have been marked with the sign of the cross to show that we belong to God’s kingdom, and all who belong to God’s kingdom are saints. We  will be tempted by the lure of sweets and treats into celebrating all that is dark in this world, or shall we polish our haloes and start dreaming of the reality of God’s Kingdom Come.

hallowed ground

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