Andrew the Saint of those who Search

Sir, we wish to see Jesus.

John 12:21

It was Andrew who was always looking out for something new, something different. It wasn’t that he was attracted by passing fads, or latest trends, it’s just that his soul wasn’t easily satisfied.

Andrew, like his brother Simon, and cousins James and John, was a good Jewish boy, or at least, as good as the next Jewish boy. Andrew’s faith was based upon the teachings of the Torah, the Chronicles of the kings, and the promises of the prophets; and he heeded the prophets whose message was to repent of what was not good or Godly, and to keep looking for the coming Messiah. So it was that Andrew found himself following John the baptist, when his fishing duties allowed, and was present when Jesus was baptised.

Andrew was there when Jesus walked along the banks and when John pointed Jesus out saying, ‘behold the lamb of God’; and it was Andrew who introduced his brother to Jesus, who renamed him Peter.

Andrew searched for the good, searched for the better, in a culture oppressed by false leaders and religious hierarchy. A culture not too dissimilar to the one which Isaiah raged against, many years before, perhaps one not too dissimilar to our own. A culture in which the rituals of religion had become more important than walking in the ways of God. Andrew found in Jesus the true way to walk, a way of humility, of forgiveness, of treating others with respect regardless of status.

Andrew sought God and sought good, so perhaps it was no surprise that when some Greeks asked Philip to introduce them to Jesus, he took them to Andrew.

So here we are on St Andrews Day, remembering the disciple who sought for God and found Jesus, and allowed him to change his entire life. Andrew already believed in God, already took part in the rituals and festivals, but until he found Jesus, his whole life and everything in it was somewhat lacking. As a disciple of Jesus, his whole life was turned around in a way that he wanted everyone else to have the opportunity to experience. A life in which past wrongs are forgiven, hope colours even the oppressed, and everyone is valued and loved, just as God loves.

Will we walk in Andrew’s footsteps and keep seeking the good and the Godly in our world? Will we help other seekers to meet Jesus, and welcome them with arms outstretched?

Read more from the prophet Isaiah here. Read more of Andrew’s story here.

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