Forgive us our trespasses…..

This is not so much a testimony of what God is doing in my life right now, it is more of a confession. I confess that I am angry, and have been angry for a while.

I am angry that the lies of the Brexit campaign were listened to and believed and the referendum vote swung on those false promises. I am angry that we seem to have been sent into a European freefall as nobody bothered to put together a plan of action as to how we would exit should the referendum have indicated this to be the wish of the British.

I am angry that young people have been targeted in ‘religious’ campaigns of hatred. I am angry that young, vulnerable and marginalised people have been ‘groomed’ and used as pawns in such ‘suicide missions’.

I am angry that the voices of residents were ignored regarding the safety of their homes. I am angry that cheaper, but more dangerous decisions regarding cladding, were taken by a wealthy council. I am angry that too many lives have been destroyed in preventable circumstances.

I am angry that despite our emergency services, our firefighters, police officers, nurses, paramedics….coming out in force to serve even when they were due to be off duty, have had their pay capped, again, by those who already earn more than they do. I am absolutely furious that  our elected members of parliament cheered at this.

I am angry because this is wrong. I am angry because I didn’t vote for any of this. I am angry because I feel powerless.

But I am called to forgive, knowing that I too have been forgiven. I am called to forgive because anger in itself does nothing and benefits no-one.  To forgive doesn’t mean that it is acceptable or ok that our society is suffering from a severe lack of responsibility. It means that I choose a different path. It means that I choose love not hate.

I can let that anger eat me up, or I can let it go, and use the energy to campaign for better outcomes for those affected, and a better future where such tragedies can’t happen again.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean giving up or giving in. It means giving.

Jesus chose to forgive me. As he hung from that cross he knew that I would make mistakes, and that some would be shameful and costly, but he loved me all the same and he died for me all the same. The fact that he also rose again, means that forgiveness brings not just healing, but hope for the future too.

So today I ask Jesus to forgive my anger, and help me to forgive others, so that instead, I can use that energy to work towards a better, more loving, future for everyone.

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One Response to Forgive us our trespasses…..

  1. mummylocke says:

    Excellent thank you as always x

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