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Easter 3: Road to Emmaus

Cleopas and his wife have just had the ‘Passover from Hell, seared by horror and littered with broken dreams’ (Andrew Knowles). It is Sunday, the first day of the Jewish working week, and the first day back at work after … Continue reading

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Easter 2: Were you there?

It was the first day of the week, Sunday. The Sabbath is over and Mary is free to attend Jesus’ body. She leaves the house as soon as is decently possible, but when she gets there she find she is … Continue reading

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Soul Food: Palm Sunday Biscuits

Palm Sunday feels like a great celebration, even though we are travelling ever closer to the cross. Palm Sunday leads us straight into Holy Week, but before the betrayals, the denials, the false accusations, and kangaroo court, before the death … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday: Will you wave your branches with me?

It is approaching the greatest festival in the Jewish year – Passover -and one of the pilgrimages that the faithful were expected to make.  It is a good time to take a pilgrimage: the weather is ideal, a pleasant sun warms … Continue reading

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Lent 5: Death before Life

  We are more than half way through Lent and our thoughts are naturally drawn towards the cross…. [Martha]‘  Tonight we eat, tonight we feast. Tonight you are with us and supper is ready, come… [Jesus]‘Thank you Martha’ Jesus stood … Continue reading

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