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Open Secret: Prayerful Politics

I’m not normally one for biographies, auto or otherwise penned, but having joined a book group I am now reading what I am told (in between last year’s Booker short list and some wonderfully lighthearted chic-lit). This month’s read was … Continue reading

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Say a Little Prayer for me.

If you are a user of social media, then you can’t help but notice how much more people seem to be praying nowadays. Cute pictures and sad pictures on Facebook often come with the caption ‘don’t scroll down without typing … Continue reading

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A Nation Divided: How Not to Play Follow the Leader

Since writing my last blog post (which was also the last sermon I preached), a LOT has happened. A clergy friend summed up the events of the weekend following the referendum: Oh, you know, nothing much… the PM resigned, Boris … Continue reading

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