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Worshipping Together as a Team: Saying What you Mean and Meaning what you Say.

Jesus speaks of ‘the tradition of the elders’. Earlier he had declared all foods as being ‘clean’ and now he speaks against the rituals of purity which the Jewish elders hold so dear. The traditions of the elders are their … Continue reading

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Ephesians: Being equipped for the spiritual battle.

I wonder if you remember ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’  – the programme in which if you answered enough questions correctly you could win a £1,000,000, however if you got the questions wrong you could lose everything. The real … Continue reading

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Soul Food: Revving up for the Bake-off – Bread

I’ve baked a fair amount of bread in my time: loaves and bagels, schnecken and doughnuts, I’ve even baked my own harvest loaves, so I was fairly confident this week. The Signature Challenge was a yeast-less loaf: we questioned whether … Continue reading

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Soul Food: Revving up for the Bake-off – Biscuits

The signature challenge this week was ‘Biscotti’. Ok, so that really is a challenge as I have never made any, and I’m not sure I have eaten any as I am not a coffee drinker. However, I watched and played … Continue reading

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Soul Food: Revving up for the Bake Off – Cakes

I’m not sure if The Great British Bake Off counts as Soul Food except that the joy that baking gives me feeds my soul. I have dreams of entering the Bake Off, but I also have doubts as to whether my … Continue reading

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God’s Mighty Women: The Loner at the Well

The woman at the well (another unnamed, faceless woman) provides an incredibly important encounter with Jesus that helps us to understand his inclusive heart. This woman should have been the last person Jesus would want to spend any time with … Continue reading

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