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God’s Mighty Women: The Nag!

Jesus tells a story about a nagging woman – or if we were being a little more polite, a persistent widow – she’s not real, it’s just a story, a parable, but Jesus uses a woman to show how God’s … Continue reading

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God’s Mighty Women: God the Housewife.

In the Parable of the Lost Coin the key character, the protagonist is a woman. A who woman has lost a coin diligently searches for it, then celebrates with her (female) friends and neighbours. I struggle to find anything of … Continue reading

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The Blue Skies of Autumn: A Journey from Loss toLife

I got into bed and listened to his answer machine message over and over again to hear his voice. Where was he? Find me, Simon. Call me. Come home. That night I started talking – to the sky, to the … Continue reading

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The Good Shepherd and St George

Today, as I prepare for the Sunday Sermon, is St George’s Day. Living in a quintessentially English village this is an important day for us, at least, we ensure that the St George Cross is flying from the church flagpole! … Continue reading

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Soul Food: St George’s Day (23rd April)

23rd April is St. George’s Day – the patron saint of England. The legend tells us that St. George slayed a dragon and rescued a princess. I’m sure that there’s a lot of allegory surrounding George’s adventures, but as a … Continue reading

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Soul Food: Resurrection Stories

One of my favourite resurrection stories, is about the time that Jesus surprised two of his disciples who had decided to call it a day. and were dejectedly walking away from Jerusalem and were on their way home to Emmaus. … Continue reading

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Keep it Reel: Home

During the Easter holidays I took my daughters to see Home. We laughed a lot as the alien Oh discovered all that life on earth could offer – you might say ‘life in all its fullness’ – the promise that … Continue reading

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